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Gananoque, Ontario

For 2022, we’re please to say that the Canadian Tandem Rally will be touring the area around Gananoque, Ontario, around the Gateway to the Thousand Islands. Pronounced as “Gan-An-Ock-Way” and translating as “Place Where Water Runs Over Rocks” and “Place of Good Health”, depending on who you ask; Gananoque is an amazing place, and a more than perfect place to hold the 2022 Canadian Tandem Rally. Let’s start with the town.

The first thing that’ll hit you about the town is the amazing view. Gananoque sits directly on the bay opening to Lake Ontario, with the lake on one side and the beginnings of the St. Lawrence River (or, La Fleuve St Laurent for those qui parlent en français) on the other. Cruises leave the city’s harbour every few hours and, through our explorations, we found the reason why sightseeing in the area is a booming industry: the place is just gorgeous. Epic sunset vistas fall lazily over church spires while local residents boat their way back to their luxury island homes after a peaceful Sunday, listening to music play from the harbour bandstand. I’m not making any of this up; we actually saw all of this; it took plenty of self-restraint not to move in while we were there.

Because of this, the organizers of CTR2022, in our infinite wisdom, saw fit that every person we bring in should get to experience the 1,000 Islands from the best possible vantage point. We figured the best way to do so would be aboard Rockport Cruises for a 2 and a half hour sunset cruise; we’re very confident you’ll agree.

Because the area’s so naturally beautiful, Gananoque has been around forever. The village predates Canada by just less than 100 years, and this loyalist mill town was the first stop in the American’s campaign during the War of 1812. Even before that, Native Americans were stopping by during the summer months to enjoy Gananoque’s hospitality and scenery.

Join us this year in Ganaoque, Ontario!

Ride with us for 2 or 3 days from May 27th – 30th, 2022

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